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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a translation company?

While we do offer foreign language translation and other language services upon request, our core mission is to connect foreign professionals with patient, empathetic and discreet native speakers of American English to help complete projects faster, reduce stress and improve professional quality of life in the United States.

We welcome partnerships with translators, global relocation companies, and other organizations which enable international business to provide supplementary U.S.-based language and cultural support services.

Everyone speaks English- why offer these services?

We understand that regardless of how long someone has studied a language, using a foreign language in a foreign country with native speakers incorporates new complexity due to the added element of local cultural nuances.

Cultural understanding is much more than knowing socially acceptable dos and don’ts; it involves understanding the perspectives that influence decisions, how people work, and the way they think.

A language or cultural misunderstanding can introduce business, legal or reputational risk.

Unless someone has lived in the United States and has made an active, extended effort to immerse in US culture, a non-native speaker of American English may not detect linguistic and cultural nuances, understand regional accents, or be able to follow a conversation when native speakers are speaking quickly, using less commonly used words, or using complex grammatical structures.

It is difficult to grasp these concepts without having lived in a language and cultural immersion environment. Biz in English understands and is ready to help our clients overcome these communication challenges and accomplish their professional goals.

What other language and cultural services can you provide?

We are happy to provide the following business-to-business services:

  • Foreign language written translation to and from English
  • Foreign language oral interpreting to and from English
  • Audio recording projects to include voiceover
  • Transcription and captioning of audio and video media
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting (in-person and virtual)
  • Braille transcription and embossing
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program consulting
  • Section 508 compliance project consulting
  • Business communication and professional writing

Do you have a requirement not listed above? We would love to discuss your unique language and cultural services project. Please submit a request for an introduction call through our contact form.

Do you work with U.S. companies who want to do business internationally?

Absolutely! We want to help U.S. companies export their products and services globally, as well as help them to reach linguistically and culturally diverse customers within the United States.

Our U.S.-based language and cultural subject matter experts expedite your ability to accomplish your project goals when doing business in a foreign country.

While it is advantageous to have local language and cultural resources in the destination country while on travel, our U.S.-based linguists help bridge communication and coordination gaps throughout project duration.

Our linguists work with you to understand your project goals, and can assist with cultural navigation, pre-trip research, meeting coordination, identifying in-county resources, expanding your in-country vendor base, task management, and even travel with you as a trusted resource during international business trips.

Here are some ways our U.S.-based linguists can add value to your projects:

  • Language and cultural subject matter experts can reduce the confusion and frustration of communicating with in-country resources who may have limited English language proficiency
  • Resources work in U.S.-time zones
  • Attend meetings with you to corroborate trip reports and action items
  • U.S.-based language resources can serve to augment in-country language support by closing verbal and non-verbal communication gaps
  • Translation and interpreting involve much more than words; working and traveling with someone who is familiar with the cultures of each country will help you to better understand situation dynamics
  • Adding U.S.-based language and cultural experts to your team demonstrates commitment to the project and respect for your international partners
  • Project-based contracts, so you can save time and resources on hiring actions

We would be happy to discuss options and tailor a language and cultural support package that meets your international project requirements and budget.

I am an international professional who wants to do business in the United States. I understand and can read English, but I do not speak English well. I know that I need help, but I do not know what questions to ask. How do I start?

Language does not need to be a barrier to doing business. Having a native speaker of American English on your team can help equalize business communication, increase connections, and provide culturally appropriate solutions.

Do not worry about your English language capability. We are here to have a conversation when you are ready. Even if you do not know how to articulate the problem, start with a “Hello” through our contact form and we can develop our discussion from there.

I am a United States-based language services professional. How can we work together?

We continue to grow partnerships with diverse language and cultural experts based in the United States. Please submit a request for an introduction call through our contact form.